Letting my hands guide me

The past 9 days have been long and hard as my lovely MIL has been hospitalised. We’re hoping to her back home within the next 48 hours but we’re also aware that things can change very quickly. Whilst it hasn’t been physically tough it’s taxed both me and the Husbeast mentally.

I’ve also had the added stress of anxiety attacks hitting from nowhere on a regular basis which has impacted how I cope with things. I’ve felt lately that I have lost my creative mojo. My inspiration to make jewellery has been lacking even though I’ve tried all my normal tricks. Some days though you have to let your hands guide you. My head is busy with so many things that it’s almost blocked the fact that my hands have a way of creating things without me thinking about it too much. I found myself wandering up and down to the studio today and then all of a sudden I was getting out supplies. I let my head continue going over mundane things like shopping lists and does the laundry need doing. I ignored what my hands were doing until something had started to take shape.


What surprised me is that it wasn’t jewellery my hands were making, it was a doll. As a rule I don’t like dolls, I find them disturbing and creepy, but every now and then one turns up that I take to. I have a Monster High Laguna Blue that sits on my desk for example and a couple of the Living Dead Dolls keep her company. Perhaps I should say that ‘regular’ dolls aren’t my thing as I do like the creepy and weird ones. The one I formed today has no head as of yet, it hasn’t shown me it’s face, but the body has and is being worked on and taking shape well. A wire frame has been made and covered in soft stuffing material that is slowly being needle felted is as far as I’ve got but it feels good to once more create something. I’m already considering what fabrics to pull from my stash in order to make to make this spirit some clothes for when I have finally pulled him from the ether.

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