Arg! Moths!

The past week has been busy. Every single day has been filled with people to see, places to go, things to do. There has been work, allotment club meetings, official letter writing, work in the online shop behind the scenes. I’d planned to spend today catching up on housework and perhaps having a little for myself but even that wasn’t destined to happen. Best laid plans and all of that.

Unfortunately me and Eldest made a disastrous find yesterday in the form of clothes moths. We were quite happily packing things ready for the upcoming larp and she spotted a single moth on the outside of a box stashed on top of the wardrobe. We opened the lid and I could have cried, my step-grandmothers rabbit fur stole had been eaten by the nasty little blighters! Empty larvae cases were over everything and a cloud of little brown moths tried to take flight as we unpacked everything and threw the infested things into a bin bag. Today was spent clearing out the affected boxes, washing everything that had come into contact with the moths and wasn’t disintegrating, and vacuum packing anything that was real fur or fibre. Luckily I didn’t loose too much and I now have moth repellant everything in every cupboard and drawer in that room.

I’m glad now that I took the trip to Ikea last week to pick up another box or two for my studio. I needed something with a sealable lid for my needle felting supplies and undyed yarns. I found this white board in their office furniture section and it made giggle. Thanks Ikea!


I know I’ll never truly beat the bugs that like to invade my old art deco house but I can at least stop them eating the stuff I want to keep. Well, maybe on the inside, now to deal with the insane snail population in my future veggie bed.

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