May Lists

I have a massive ‘to-do’ list for May and may have added too much to it as per normal. Not to worry though, if I don’t get it all done it’s not the end of the world. My main aim is to once again get back on top of the general spending and food shopping. I’ve made a start by doing an inventory of the freezer, from that I can create a list of meals and try and use anything I think has been in there a little too long. This week I’m off for the first LARP event of the year so I’ll whip up a quiche and some sausage rolls from what I have already, much tastier and cheaper than store bought, and maybe a few cakes to add to it too. My only large outgoing this month will be new tyres for the car, I’ve already had this months treat as I bought an expansion pack for a game I play online.

Over on Make Do and Mend LIfe there is a whole group of like minded people getting onvolved in #menditmay. I’m going along with it but I’ll miss a whole bunch of Instagram prompts this week due to being in a place with zero phone signal. I’ll try and post my catch ups after I come home though.

In the same lines as saving pennies and making do my allotment plot is looking great and the seedlings are coming on really well. All of my fruit trees are in blossom but the pear tree takes the crown this year for most flamboyant display. I have a feeling I’m gong to need to reinforce several branches again this year! Last year it was so heavy it snapped at the base and I thought I’d loose it. I literally stuck it back together with an iron rod for a splint and duct tape and that seems to have worked well. Amazingly well actually.


Now it’s time for a hot chocolate before I head to bed with a good book. I’m currently reading A Croft in the Hills by Katherine Stewart and it’s making me long once more for a life I know I can’t achieve. Chronic illness sucks by the way. Either way it’s a lovely read and she takes you on a lovely walk through her life. Sometimes you just have to change your plans a little. I may not be able to have a croft bu I have my plot and garden and that’s good enough for me.

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